Efficient and caring


To the Editor:

On July 19, while visiting my uncle in Vineyard Haven, I slipped as I was transferring from a chair to my wheelchair and slid to the floor. My husband and uncle could not lift me up, and it was necessary to call 911.

The police officer who answered my call for help was there in a few minutes. He was kind and considerate and lifted me right into my wheelchair. Then an EMTcrew and an ambulance arrived too. Everyone was so concerned about me. They checked me out and asked me if I needed to go to the hospital.

How fortunate those who live here are to have such an efficient, caring, knowledgeable emergency service who are there when needed.

I’m sorry I didn’t get everyone’s names, but I can’t thank them enough. I only wish the emergency service in NYC was as caring and efficient as that of Martha’s Vineyard.

Lelah Urban

Staten Island, New York