To the Editor:

In April 2011, taxpayers in Tisbury voted in favor of the purchase of a new 2010 or better refuse truck. In response to the bid request, the town received eight legitimate bids, which have been rejected by the town DPW. Why has a new bid request now been re‑issued by the DPW for a 2008 or newer truck? The original bid specifications have been revised. This is not what the voters approved.

As a taxpayer, I am outraged. Why are we, the taxpayers, bidding on a refuse truck at all, when starting on September 1, a disposal service will be contracted to take over rubbish pick‑up for a six-month trial basis in Tisbury?

I now see in my crystal ball a 2008 refuse truck, sitting on a lot in East Hartford, Connecticut, painted victory red, cab‑over, with two steering wheels. The make will be American LaFrance. The attorney general’s office has a name for this kind of bidding.

This truck will cost the taxpayers more than $100,000. As a taxpayer, I can think of better ways to spend our money. We will see on August 16, at 10:30 am, the outcome of this new bid.

Eugene DeCosta

Vineyard Haven