An important commitment


To the Editor:

The Friends of the Edgartown Free Public Library thank Pat Rose for her years of service and dedication to the Edgartown Library.

Ms. Rose reported at a meeting of the Friends of the Edgartown Library on August 29, detailing the amount of funds she was able to collect and then contribute to the Friends for their work on behalf of the library.

Pat, along with John Ortman, both of Chappaquiddick, and recently assisted by Christina Brown, has over the past five years collected bottles and cans on a nearly daily basis. They have been able to collect them from locations in Edgartown and beyond — including Sharkey’s and Mink Meadows, as well as other locations and individuals — for the deposit refunds gained from the recycling centers.

Those five-cent redemptions have added up. The check donated to the Friends of the Library was the second contribution of $500 from Pat and her committee. Previously Pat and John were able to redeem and donate from their efforts $15,000 to the Edgartown Library Foundation.

Felicia Cheney, director of the Edgartown Public Library, commented on Pat’s dedication, “We are very appreciative of her Herculean efforts.”

The members of the Friends are indeed grateful for the devotion of Pat Rose and her helpers for this extraordinary voluntary commitment to help the library in fundraising.

Offerings to this recycling effort on behalf of the library can be joined by anyone. Simply drop off your returnable cans and bottles in the two barrels behind the Warren house, next to the Edgartown Library on North Water Street. Or call the Edgartown Library (508-626-4221) to leave a message for Pat Rose, if you have a large bag of redeemable bottles and cans. She will pick them up.

Adele Dreyer

Vice President

Friends of the Edgartown Public Library