A dead end


To the Editor:

Roundabout — a great idea, if, of course, it worked. Let me explain.

I grew up in Falmouth, and it was a simple matter to navigate a rotary. You approached it, slowed down a little and then proceeded around, never stopping. These days it totally baffles me why drivers at the rotary stop in both lanes, even if there is no traffic. There’s no stop sign there. The rotary was designed to maintain a flow.

Why has this changed? It is because drivers have lost the very simple instinct of rotary finesse. You may have noticed that the rotaries have been eliminated on the other side of both bridges, because of this.

Now, I have been detained trying to get to the blinking light and have lost a very annoying five or six minutes. Wait a second. What is five or six minutes out of our day? We have grown to be a very impatient society. Just give yourself a little extra time, or avoid the area altogether.

The only other solution I can think of is to put a tunnel in one direction. However, we all know our state does not do well with digging tunnels.

I like the short phrase “forget about it.” Roundabout is a dead end.

John Karalekas

West Tisbury