Delectable and enjoyable


To the Editor:

The excellent article on winter community suppers [“Moveable feast of Martha’s Vineyard community dinners warms winter,” January 25] prompts me to add my gratitude and appreciation for those incredible cooks who create such delicious offerings for us weekly.

I wish to thank all who cooked, served, and participated in the Lunar New Year celebration at Grace Church Friday. One friend, Elizabeth LeBeau, has outshone herself in preparing numerous dishes annually for more than a decade. Unfortunately, she was not involved this year.

Also Mark Martin has created a whole cycle of the 12 animal heads annually, and this year’s dragon was magnificent. Betsey Holcomb designed and improved the body/tail yearly, adding ornaments to her original model. Grace Pre-School crafted cute red fans as table centerpieces. Girl Scout Troop #80802 contributed its culinary skills, gracious serving attributes, and lively dancing behind the dragon.

Thank you ever so much everyone for providing a delectable and enjoyable social evening.

Gloria L. Wong

Vineyard Haven