What kind of a commitment, really?


To the Editor:

Regarding Steve Hackley from Comcast’s comments about Comcast “serving Martha’s Vineyard” [Op-Ed : Comcast’s commitment to Martha’s Vineyard is stronger than ever, March 15]: about five years ago, his boss, who I think has a residence on the Island, committed to “wiring the entire Island.” Our part of the Island, near Edgartown Great Pond, is not wired for cable. We have tried and tried, for more than five years, to get the attention of Comcast about service, but their response is if “we wire our road” (a cost of about $35,000-plus) they would be “happy to provide service.” I guess I would too if someone wired their neighborhood.

It’s hard for me to believe that not having the Island wired, much less wireless, severely limits both economic value and ease of living or vacationing on the Island. My request is for Comcast to live up to their “deep commitment to serving and supporting Martha’s Vineyard” or else say “just kidding, we really mean partial commitment.”

Gerald S. Jones