It must be gremlins in my computer. My apologies to Elaine Ciancio and Olyvia Houston. Elaine is a perfectly fine grandmother but not to Olyvia. Olyvia is a lovely young lady and a talented clarinet player whose proud grandparents really are Pat and Larry Sylvia. I’m sorry I mixed things up.

Remember: The Tisbury School children will March to the Sea in the annual Memorial Day parade on Friday. Students leave the school at 12:30 and march down Spring Street and along Main Street to Owen Park for the 45-minute ceremony. Students carry flowers to put in the harbor, commemorating those who have given their lives for their country. The band will be playing and flags will be waving. All are invited to see this moving event. If it rains, the ceremony will take place in the Tisbury School gym at 12:30.

Daniel Cristol is a professor of biology at the College of William and Mary. He recently wrote an article in the New York Times noting we now have too many deer. Protective land management created havens for deer so that those deer eat almost all the ground cover plants that used to harbor many of our seasonal birds. He notes the downside to having so many hoofed neighbors: more disease-bearing ticks and front-end collisions. He suggests we need to manage public land for fewer deer. Reducing deer numbers will mean healthier forests, fewer ticks, and more warblers.

You can tour five private up-Island properties with ornamental shrubs, water gardens, and stone walls on Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm, rain or shine, for $25 to benefit the preservation of the West Tisbury Congregational Church.

The Louisa Gould Gallery invites you to a reception for the Memorial Day Group Show on Saturday from 6 to 8 pm. Enjoy refreshments and meet artists Chris Pendergast, Janet Woodcock, Donna Blackburn, Tim Coy, and several others. The show runs to June 13. You can hear Donna Blackburn talk about her work this Sunday at 5 pm. There will also be a portrait painting workshop on August 2.

The new exhibit at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum features 100 Years of Theater on Martha’s Vineyard. “Showtime” opens Saturday and will run until April, thanks to the help of local theater arts groups. The Vineyard Playhouse, Island Theater Workshop, Duncan Ross, and others loaned many objects and photographs.

Theater programming is part of the Museum summer events. Shakespeare for the Masses will offer a brief show at the Museum’s Summer Reception on Friday, June 15. The Vineyard Playhouse will present historic Vineyard plays for families in July and August on the Museum lawn. Also the Museum will share an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello on August 2. Filmed on the Island in the 1960s by the Shearer Summer Theater, the film features an all African-American cast. For more, call 508-627-4441.

On Tuesday at 7 pm you can hear Tom Dresser talk about his new book “Disaster Off Martha’s Vineyard.” More than a hundred people drowned in the sinking of the City of Columbus, the worst wreck off our shores. Many bodies were brought to Capawock Hall and identified by the Medical Examiner Dr. William Leach. News of the 1884 disaster spread across the country and put our island on the map. Over a century later the wreckage was found on the north ledge of the Devil’s Bridge, off the southern tip of Gay Head.

For your calendar: Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival offers a free member screening of “The Intouchables” at 8 pm at the Capawock Theater on June 1. Non-members pay $9 at the door.

Fly your flag on Monday and help the veterans at Oak Grove put theirs up. Will we see you at the town picnic?

Congratulations to Cheryl Stark and to Margie Meltzer, partners in business and life. They celebrate on Monday, which just happens to be Cheryl’s birthday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Victoria “Honey” Campos, Shawn Willoughby, Leah Ellis, and Shawn Townes. On Saturday wish the best to Betsy Edge and Ann Haller. Sunday belongs to Kylie Townes and Kristina Ivory. Happy Birthday on Monday to Cheryl Stark and Steve Mussell. Birthday blessings on Tuesday to Peggy McGrath and Jane Pallatroni Chandler. Happy birthday to Megan Buchanan a week from Friday.

Heard on Main Street: Fly your flag.