Just asking, and asking


To the Editor:

I’ve been asking the selectmen and harbor folks for five years or so to let the public view the web cams at Lake Tashmoo and the Lagoon boat ramps, but it must be too much of a hassle to give us the web address to the web cams or to let the MVTimes put it on the web cam page so we all can keep an eye on boats and see what’s going on.

The other common sense item is why on earth do the folks who videotape town hall meetings and other public forums on MVTV local channel waste our time with no audio. It don’t take an audio engineer to know to mic the room properly. It’s a waste of everyone’s time not to be able to hear the conversations.

They have been shooting for over eight years with no audible audio. Don’t they ever try to watch or listen to the town meetings on cable? Am I deaf, or what is the problem?

Get six powered mics and a mixing board, and let us hear it in stereo. Simple as pie.

Mike Mayrand