The one and only


To the Editor:

For as long as I have lived here (going on 23 years), I have been fighting the losing battle of preserving the proper and correct name (well, nickname, actually) of the Campground in Oak Bluffs. There is only one campground, not several, and in spite of employing it by much of the population, including people who actually live there, the use of the word as a plural is not nor ever will be correct.

I note that only once this week did The Times refer to the Campground (singular) correctly. It is nice to have so many events and stories about the historic collection of cottages, especially with so many other activities vying for attention and publication, but it would really be nice if, once again, the correct word be used.

But, I suppose it will go on being wrong, as do so many bits of the English language these days. If you use it incorrectly often enough, it somehow becomes correct, doesn’t it? I am looking forward to the day when I no longer care. It’s not here yet.

Mary-Jean Miner