Sweet and supportive


To the Editor:

My daughter and three of her friends were taking the VTA bus from The Fair to Vineyard Haven when they had the misfortune of being on the bus with someone who was maybe under the influence and threatening to “kill people.”

Only 14, she and her friends were scared. There was a group of older guys and girls in their 20s, who were very sweet and supportive. They told them everything would be okay, and then they all made a plan to pull the cord and exit the bus at Cumberland Farms. Once they had all exited the bus, the group also walked my daughter and her friends to the next bus at the Steamship Authority.

I wish I knew their names. But I want to say thank you to them. They went out of their way to help them and make them feel safe, and I really appreciate it. It’s nice to know there are still some really great people out there. Thanks Again.

Kristen Jenkinson