My Facebook feed is all pumpkins, leaves, and apple picking, so I guess we’re deep into it now. Before long, it’ll be time to shop for Christmas, and from what I understand, the holiday advertising on TV has already begun. We definitely had a foreshadowing of winter this past weekend when the temp dropped to a tooth-chattering low, but luckily that mercury has shot back up. Not quite time to batten down the hatches just yet.

Derby headquarters has been disassembled, and the boat and the truck have left the downtown parking lot, and it’s time for many of you to hang up the rod and tackle until next year. Another Derby season has reached the end. I know I’ve been saying this all along, but I really think the kids were the true winners this year. Thanks to technology, I got to see pictures updated online daily of weigh-in, and one theme prevailed throughout: pictures of the pint-sized who could barely see over the counter, staring doe-eyed and mesmerized as Charlie Smith handled their hard-won catches as if they were made of solid gold. Adam Darack, our town IT guy, was saying that his daughter, Bailen, was hoping to “have a playdate” with Charlie once the Derby was over. Well, I heard this is Charlie’s last Derby as a volunteer, so perhaps that frees up his schedule for a few teddy bear tea parties.

The Harbor View Hotel will host the Art*Island Festival of Arts & Ideas, October 24-28, in collaboration with the Island’s own Arts & Ideas magazine. The event puts the spotlight on the Vineyard’s diverse and thriving creative community, as more than 20 participating arts organizations and businesses converge on Edgartown Harbor for five days of art displays, performances, and presentations. Festival proceeds will benefit Arts Martha’s Vineyard and Arts & Ideas magazine. Event highlights include a slide show, a painting workshop, art displays, a book signing, and dance and film offerings, all culminating in a masquerade ball, to which you are invited to attend dressed as a famous artist or a living work of art. For more info and a detailed schedule of events, visit artislandmv.org.

Happy birthday wishes go out to one of my town column predecessors, Sarah Piazza, who celebrates on October 22. May your day be filled with bouzouki music and photographic moments aplenty. Right on her momma’s heels, Sarah’s daughter, Maria Thibodeau, celebrates her day October 24. Likewise, Raeanne Smith celebrates October 24. Hope it’s a good one.

My dad would like to send a belated birthday shout-out to his BFF, Johnny C, who’s technically a West Tis resident, but seeing as he has spent 1 to 4 pm on Saturday (on the dot—no exceptions) in Edgartown for the past 35 years, we’ll give him a pass.

Speaking of birthdays, I’m putting together a birthday calendar specifically for this column, as I’ve intended to do for two years now. So please send me your family’s birthdays so I can put them on the calendar and then everyone will be represented. I get a lot of birthday info from Facebook, but this rarely includes the little ones, so please, let me know.