Martha’s Vineyard students excel in Boston Globe art competition

"Vacancy," by Tallula Brodsky, Gold Key, photography. — Photo by Tallulah Brodsky

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students won a record number of awards in the 63rd annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards competition. Art department chairman Paul Brissette said that 38 of the 67 pieces submitted by MVRHS students in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, graphics and architecture categories received recognition in the prestigious competition.

Students were notified of the awards last week. The awards will be presented Sunday, March 3, at the John Hancock Hall in Boston.

Mr. Brissette said the awards are open to graduating seniors who submit an eight-piece portfolio of artwork in one or more of three categories — art, photography, and writing. He said the portfolios can be themed or can show the range of the artist’s work.

The recognized artists receive either gold keys, silver keys, or honorable mention for individual works and/or for portfolios. Gold key winning entries will travel to New York City for the national Scholastic Art Awards competition this spring.

Seniors Lauren Dostal, Sarah Gruner, Charlotte Hall, Micheli Lynn, Ella Mahoney, and Hannah Moore received gold key portfolio awards making them eligible for scholarships from art schools across the country, according to a press release from the high school.

Individual gold key winners include: Olivia Becchio, Charlotte Benjamin, Tallula Brodsky, Emily Cimeno, Lauren Dostal, Sarah Gruner, Charlotte Hall, Micheli Lynn, Ella Mahoney, Hannah Moore, Saren Quinn, and Aaron Teves.

Silver awards went to Forrest D’Olympia, Isaiah Maynard, Jullian Kelly, Gordon Moore, Isabel Smith, Sara Thompson, and Jack Yeun.

Honorable mention awards were also plentiful. Jessica Campbell, Job deForest, Forrest D’Olympia, Peter Engley, Jack Fielding, Amy Fligor, Carl Gosselin, Alice Green Stephanie Harris, Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Gordon Moore, Hannah Moore, Saren Quinn, Gabrielle Silva, Sara Thompson, and Jack Yuen all received honorable mention awards.

The gold and silver key award winning individual art entries will be on display from February 11 to April 19 at the State Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza, Boston.

Awards list

Olivia Becchio, Gold Key Mixed Media Shadows

Charlotte Benjamin, Gold Key Photography Stones

Tallula Brodsky, Gold Key Photography Vacancy

Jessica Campbell, Honorable Mixed Media Running with


Emily Cimeno, Gold Key Mixed Media Dignity

Job deForest, Honorable Photography Shootin’ Buckets

Forrest D’Olympia, Honorable Drawing Decay

Forrest D’Olympia, Honorable Drawing Peace and


Forrest D’Olympia, Silver Key Painting Pond

Lauren Dostal, Gold Key Photography Roots of Humans

Peter Engley, Honorable Photography Crazy Eights

Jack Fielding, Honorable Ceramics & G Hollow Points

Amy Fligor, Honorable Mixed Media Communication

Amy Fligor, Honorable Ceramics & G Carved Red

Carl Gosselin, Honorable Ceramics & G Black Book

Alice Green, Honorable Photography Aperture of American

Sarah Gruner, Gold Key Photography Ripple

Charlotte Hall, Gold Key Mixed Media Journey to the Heart

Stephanie Harris, Honorable Sculpture Hidden Beneath the


Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Honorable Ceramics & G Vase

Julian Kelly, Silver Key Mixed Media The Pilot

Micheli Lynn, Gold Key Photography Waiting

Ella Mahoney, Gold Key Painting Wish upon a Fish

Isaiah Rain Maynard, Silver Key Photography The Ocean


Gordon Moore, Silver Key Ceramics & G Bird Planter

Gordon Moore, Silver Key Drawing Native Spirit

Gordon Moore, Honorable Drawing Braiding

Hannah Moore, Gold Key Painting The Human Touch

Hannah Moore, Honorable Ceramics & G Vase of Trunks

Saren Quinn, Honorable Drawing Ghost of David Darling

Saren Quinn, Gold Key Drawing Old Uncle Josiah

Gabrielle Silva, Honorable Photography A Lonely


Isabel Smith, Silver Key Photography Fancy Me Dirty

Aaron Teves, Gold Key Architecture Cloud Nine

Sara Thompson, Silver Key Jewelry Cobalt Cuff

Sara Thompson, Honorable Jewelry Turquoise Cuff

Jack Yuen, Honorable Drawing Native America

Jack Yuen, Silver Key Drawing Om