With all this warm, cold, warm, cold action, I hope everyone is loading up on their vitamins. Between the ice, the mud, and all the viruses going around, the time to be vigilant is now. I’ve already slipped and fallen a couple of times on the ice, but luckily my falls are more of the slip-on-a-banana slapstick sort. But beware: February vacation is almost here and we can’t have people missing out on the fun being sick or broken.

Hope everyone is staying warm out there, and for you folks posting photos from tropical locales, thanks for letting me live vicariously through you all. Let me know about your winter vacations.

We had friends in town this weekend, and I feel like we are somewhat to blame for the crazy winds and the ferry cancellations, as every time Joe and Krista Grotto come down from Somerville to visit, they end up getting stranded somehow. We always manage to make the most of it, and this time was no exception. I only regret that our friend Kim Lepke, who also made the trip down from Winthrop, had to leave slightly disappointed, as we never made it over to Granite, a favorite stop of the Grottos’, the majesty of which we had talked up ad nauseum. The only solution is getting Lepke back for a second go-round. Next time, I’ll see your Granite trip and raise you Trader Fred’s.

The Edgartown School has made room in the trophy cabinet for both the boys and girls varsity basketball teams. The girls nabbed the championship with a win over Oak Bluffs, while the boys took home their championship with a victory over the Charter School. Both games were very exciting against tough opponents. Congrats, guys and girls! Eagle pride!

The school will host a Family Math Night, Thursday, February 21, starting in the gym at 6 pm and moving to the 
cafeteria at 7 pm for snacks and prizes. So dust off the old abacus and head on over.

For the grown-up set, Adult and Community Education (ACE MV) has announced their spring schedule. They will offer over 30 classes and seminars on subjects including computer skills, cake decorating, auto mechanics, pottery, creative writing, carpentry, dance, community history, and religion. Printed catalogs with registration forms are widely distributed throughout the Island. Register online at www.acemv.org or in person Tuesday, March 5, from 4:30 to 6 pm in the MVRHS lobby. Classes start March 12, and preregistration is strongly advised because classes are limited in size. Thanks to the MV Family Center, all Thursday evening ACE MV classes at MVRHS offer free childcare.

We have the following Februarians to fete in the coming week: Rick Convery, February 21; Cinnamon White and Lindsay Smith, February 22; Justine DeOliveira and Robb Moriarty, February 23; Jason Welty and Brooke Avakian February 24; and Linda Condlin February 27. So if you see or hear from any of these folks, wish them well.