President Obama and family expected to vacation in Chilmark

President Obama and family expected to vacation in Chilmark

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In 2009, President Obama greeted well wishers at Nancy's snack bar in Oak Bluffs. — File photo by Steve Myrick

President Obama and his family will return to Chilmark for their summer family vacation, The Times has learned. Though not confirmed by the White House, the Obamas are expected to stay in a four-bedroom house valued at $7.6 million with an attached two-bedroom guesthouse on Snail Road, off South Road and surrounded by woodlands.

Friday, a White House official confirmed that the president and Ms. Obama will travel to Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, August 10. They will remain on the Vineyard until Sunday, August 18, when they will return to Washington. The White House said there are no public events scheduled at this time.

David M. Schulte, owner of the only house on Snail Road and an adjoining lot, said in a telephone call with The Times that he knew nothing about a presidential visit. Mr. Schulte said he had heard the Obamas would stay in Farm Neck in Oak Bluffs.

Mr. Schulte is the founder and managing partner of Chilmark Partners, a Chicago-based corporate finance and restructuring advisory company. The former editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal, before founding Chilmark Partners, Mr. Schulte created and ran Salomon Brothers Corporate Reorganization Group.

There has been no confirmation by the White House of where the president will stay.

Mr. Obama and his family have vacationed in Chilmark every year since his 2008 election, except for 2012, when he was campaigning for re-election.

The official announcement Friday of a presidential Island vacation confirmed the rumors that have swirled here for months. On an Island where word gets around quickly, it was no secret that the Secret Service had begun laying the groundwork for the Obamas’ return.

In 2009, 2010, and 2011, the Obamas rented Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark, a 28.5-acre compound on Town Cove off Tisbury Great Pond. The house was sold in December 2011 to an architect, Lord Norman Foster, and his wife, Lady Elena Foster, of Thames Bank in Great Britain.

If past presidential vacations hint at future performance, the Obamas will continue to do what many vacationing families do when they are here. The will go to the beach while dad plays golf, bike, hike, and enjoy dinner with friends.

The Obama vacation falls during one of the busiest times of the summer. In addition to the annual Agricultural Fair, the Oak Bluffs fireworks, and Campground Illumination night, the Boston Globe reports that Harry Belafonte will perform at an invitation only event at Dreamland theater in Oak Bluffs, on August 12, an event that’s being organized by Charles Ogletree, Mr. Obama’s former professor at Harvard Law School.


  1. Doesn’t President Barack Obama and his family deserve some measure of privacy for their family vacation? Is it really necessary to publish the (obviously) exact address where they will stay on Island? Perhaps we could support their security needs instead? In fact, not so long ago, this choice would have been routinely considered, “the Vineyard way” — that is before shallow yet pervasive greed, ego, hype, and celebrity eclipsed respecting and caring for one another, while enjoying and celebrating the natural beauty of the Island. Maybe it’s time to examine what has been sacrificed along the way? This is an opportunity to do precisely that.

    1. After the Snowden affair the only ones that need privacy is the American Citizen from the Patriot Act.

        1. Actually, in America, since the 1940s. There is nothing new about this information. In fact, watch Tony Scott’s 1998 film, “Enemy of the State” for the same detail.

          “Enemy of the State”:

          1. They didn’t have the internet back then. I find it an invasion of privacy when Yahoo, Facebook, Aol sell our government for 250 each our private Email accounts….Verizon don’t charge anything.I guess that’s 1 way these companies can make some quick cash.

  2. You see, that’s the point. The Vineyard has traditionally been known as a place of community love, peace, and understanding. It’s a place where notable individuals — including the president of the United States of America — can visit and RELAX. They can be themselves, out of the fishbowl of their regular lives, and be rejuvenated by the Island community and the natural beauty around them. The rule of thumb is live and let live — and THAT is the extraordinary uniqueness of the experience of visiting here.

    In fact, POTUS and his family are entitled to a personal family vacation. He is also entitled to privacy, both because of his rather important position, and because he is a human being. Unlike other previous presidents, Barack Obama is not a former oil tycoon personally owning multiple vacation residences in which to spend his time off. Camp David is an extension of the White House, and, by definition, any American presidential trip to a foreign nation is NOT a vacation. This president, more than any other, has been challenged by the most extreme and simultaneous national and international geopolitical crises ever recorded in our country’s history. It is important that the president of the United States of America is well rested and rejuvenated to address his massive responsibilities. It seems reasonable that any rational American would agree to this fact, yes? For obvious reasons, he and his family also deserve significant privacy. That’s how life rolls on Martha’s Vineyard. If you were posting from the Island, you’d know that. President Barack Obama and his family are most welcome on Martha’s Vineyard because we are PROUD of them and GRATEFUL to them for the incalculable sacrifices they make each and every day on behalf of ALL Americans. They have EARNED their family’s rest and peace. That’s the nature of love, peace, and understanding after all, isn’t it?

    1. We are proud of them? Please ma’am speak for yourself. It is fine that you feel this way but do not for a moment believe that all Americans feel the way that you do. By the way, I do not believe that he has handled any “crisis” well at all. You are truly looking at things through a set of blurred glasses. Most Americans are tired of being preached to by politicians that tell us how to live our lives while they do as they please because they feel entitled to.

  3. Bush may have taken more time off, but it was in the middle of nowhere and probably didn’t cost the taxpayer as much….

  4. you don’t get to determine what’s good enough or where POTUS vacations. Your comment ‘why they don’t go to their home in Chicago’ has an un-welcomed tone. Check yourself.

  5. Like ALL US Presidents Mr Obama gets SS wherever he goes. The fact that you don’t like him doesn’t change anything. Get over yourself.

  6. Chicago is as hot as hell in the summer! Have you ever been there? (To Chicago, I mean.)