No word yet on return of “The Vineyard” docu-soap

No word yet on return of “The Vineyard” docu-soap

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There is no official word on whether the cast of The Vineyard will return for another season (l-r): Luis d'Agostino, Ben Rossi, Sophi Alvarez, Cat Todd, Jackie Lyons, Katie Tardif, Jon Franco, Emily Burns, Taeylr Robinson, Gabby Lapointe, Daniel Lipshutz. — Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Last July, “The Vineyard,” a series about a handful of 20-somethings on Martha’s Vineyard premiered to mixed reaction by cable television viewers across the Island and the country.

The series followed a mix of locals and so-called “wash-ashores” as they summered on Martha’s Vineyard and worked for the Black Dog while living in a beachfront home on East Chop overlooking Nantucket Sound — so much for reality. The plot focused primarily on young lust and its consequences, all tied to multiple hookups and temporarily shattered friendships.

One year ago, ABC Family announced in a press release that it had picked up the show, described as a dramatic coming-of-age docu-soap. Filming began in May.The news in February that reality TV had discovered the Island drew gasps from some Island residents.

Filming for eight, one-hour episodes began in May and wrapped up in June. By most accounts, the production barely created a ripple of excitement or inconvenience.

ABC Family and 25/7 Productions, which produced the show, have not commented on the show’s return. “Since this is an ABC Family show, we can’t comment on it,” Dave Broome, executive producer of 25/7 Productions, said in an email to The Times.

“A decision hasn’t been made about a second season of The Vineyard,” Jori Arancio, Vice President of Media Relations for ABC Family, told The Times in a phone call. “That’s all I can say.”

The show was pretty much panned by Islanders, who took to The Times website and Facebook with criticisms that it was unrealistic and not representative of the Island. Mainland critics were more forgiving. The series received an average of three stars by major TV reviewers that included and IMDB.

There was some support for the Vineyard cast members, which included Cat Todd of Oak Bluffs and Ben Rossi of West Tisbury.

“They tried something new and different. I applaud them for that, despite how the show turned out,” said one commenter to The Times website.

Now working at a bar and grill in New Jersey, Ben is waiting to hear from producers about whether there will be a second season.

Appearing in a TV show was a new experience. “I’m used to being on the sidelines, and I’d never really been on camera before,” he said. “It was a surreal experience, but I got used to it quickly because everyone on the show had a really good attitude.”

He came in for his share of ribbing. “My friends gave me a hard time, of course, about being in a show about the Island, but they were supportive and my family was great,” he said.

People were quick to judge even before the show aired. “A lot of people were talking badly about it before it even came out, but it turned out great, just like I expected,” he said.

Ben hopes there will be a second season. “I think most of the original cast would do it again,” he said. “It was so much fun, really a great time. I loved every second of it.”

Cat Todd of Oak Bluffs, the other Islander featured in the series, could not be reached for comment.

Dan Pucillo, Black Dog chief operating officer, said he has no updates. “The last time we heard from the producers about a second season was early January,” he said. “Talks with ABC were looking positive, but there’s new ABC Family leadership, and that’s changed it up.”

At the same time that the future of “The Vineyard” remains in doubt, “The Vineyard Project,” a new reality show focused on members of the Island’s affluent summer African-American community has appeared on the horizon.


  1. A word to the author of the article and all readers – TV critics and fans off-island were in fact possibly more punitive than Vineyarders. On IMDB, reader ratings were indeed 3.5 – OUT of TEN. Wow, that’s bad. Metacritic – which aggregates tv critic reviews from off-island major outlets, i.e. EW, People Weekly, and major newspapers – critics reviews came out to an average of off-island major media outlets of 47% (of 100). The reality was that it is bad TV, no matter what happens, critics and viewers agree. The viewership statistics are also found online.

  2. To us the show was too dull to watch. But wasn’t harmful and if it helps out some Vineyard businesses and gives some folks here a shot at their dream then I hope it gets renewed.

  3. I hope the black dog can survive without this “docu-soap” advertisement for them.

  4. That was the worst show I have ever watched. It was so obviously scripted and horribly acted.

  5. As a woman of a certain age, I cannot possibly relate to this sort of modern media. I will say this. In the course of my investigations into a delicate island matter (I will not share as I am known for my discretion in such things as involve a nanny and a Titan of industry) I ran across this motley crew of celebrity. My first impression…oh my, what nice teeth!

    The cast seemed a wholesome bunch, if a bit misguided.

    My complaint is with the sound crew. I met a “boom operator” named [redacted] in the wee hours of the morning on a sandy beach while the sun was just peeking above the horizon, my sweet husband of many decades now comfortably asleep at the wheel of his boat only a few miles away. My purpose was to investigate.

    I am sure you can imagine my surprise several days later when I got an itchy creepy feeling in my stockings. Boom man [redacted] told me it was just the blue crabs. But I know better! The nitrates have done away with the blue crabs. I had caught a case of the oopsies.

    I hope they renew the show. I kinda miss [redacted]. And the rash is darned near gone.


  6. This terrible one, now the Inkwell show what in GOD’s name will be next? What is going on with the Island that we use to know and love? I am sickened and ashamed!

    1. Ashamed that they made a little-watched TV show here? Drive around and look at what’s been happening to the Island over the past 30 years…the properties that have been allowed to become rundown, the junk yards masquerading as residences, and the ever-present litter those are things to be ashamed about

      1. Vineyard Haven waterfront is a horror show from the infamous black dog all the way to Packers mess!!!!
        Packer still has that old house on his lot, Noah’s Ark is still looking like it took a heck of a beating after the big flood on and on!
        OB use to be the most run down and unattractive town now VH definitely grabbed that title from them!
        Tisbury is a embarrassment to all of us taxpayers and even though I am not a fan of the Black Dog in any way, shape or form I regret not voting for Jamie Douglas each time he ran for VH selectman. He just might have done something better than we have now and have had!
        Please not more foolish films!
        Oh yea, BTW the properties that have been allowed to become rundown, the junk yards masquerading as residences, and the ever-present litter – mattress, chairs, couches etc etc we know who the biggest violators are!
        I just pray Spike Lee doesnt have anything to do with the proposed Inkwell movie as we will really have problems especially in OB! (Remember 4th of July several years ago?)

          1. What difference does it make whether I am from there or NOT?!?! Answer the question if in fact, ANYTHING HAPPENED OUT OF PLACE AT ALL! OR.. if your comment was NOTHING but faux bluster!

            BTW, I am a lot more familiar with The Vineyard than you might think!!

          2. You sound like Hillary Clinton for GOD sake, “What difference does it make”. Well if you were here then you would know and if I have to spell it out for you you would call me a racist and I have better things to do.

          3. Good you just validated what I thought. A liar, racist and an asshole talking smack. How old are you 12??
            Don’t bother answering because it’s not important. I won’t read it anyway.

          4. WoW, and IF the MV Times didnt print what your dirty mouth put out there you would call them a racist!!

          5. Vineyardnative is probably referring to the Chappaquiddick incident. If so, he or she misused the word “several” since it means more than 2, but not many and the Chappy Incident happened on July 18,1969. You can google it and a billion sources with the story will pop up. There are also multiple drunk driving accidents every 4th of july on the island.

          6. Thanks Thomas. I am familiar with that incident.
            I have spent many a summer in the Vineyard.
            But… He mentioned the Inkwell, I wasn’t aware of any incidents there.
            Thanks again!

  7. It would be nice if they would use more than one or two token Vineyarders. The show hurt the Vineyard more than it helped.

      1. It certainly didn’t make the island look like a place you wanted to be and didn’t show our young people in much of a positive light. It did for us what Jersey Shore did for them, only far less entertaining.

        1. I only watched part of the first episode before getting bored…but it was nowhere close to Jersey Shore. Even if it was worse though…the 18 people that watched it probably didn’t know where Martha’s Vineyard is located.

          1. I hope to God you are right. I think with the president thing way more than 18 people watched but I still hope you are right…also….way to have no diversity whatsoever in the cast ABC family. Good job. Good effort.

          2. I think it’s highest rating was something like a .3 and then it dropped off. I believe some Vineyard meetings on MVTV get higher ratings than that.

          3. If it was that bad I’m amazed they haven’t dropped it entirely and fired a few people. But hey. This makes me happier.

        2. Well, lets be real. Our young people aren’t very positive behind all of the vineyard vines clothing shiny outward appearance. That’s why there is a DWI OR OWI incident almost every summer

  8. You could have given a million monkeys a million crayons, and they would have created something better that ‘The Vineyard’

  9. I think the show focused to much on Katie and Lou and that they should of focused more on Jackie and Sean. I hope for another season.

  10. I thought if was good. Brought back memories from the old days. I liked it.

  11. Kids love this show, and it’s great running into cast members at Stop & Shop!

  12. Everyone should stop hating on the show so much it brought a lot of business to local businesses including me. The producers were great! I thought the show was better then most crap on the television and real drama on the rock.

  13. UPDATE:
    “The Vineyard” has been officially cancelled. There will not be a second season.