Amy Goodman now


To the Editor:

The Israelis are recreating the Warsaw Ghetto and have launched an assault one could reasonably compare to a pogrom.

This week someone shot down an airliner in the Ukraine which could cause disastrous results. Julian Assange has been locked up in the Ecuadorian embassy for over two years. Edward Snowdon has revealed a degree of NSA surveillance that only “conspiracy” people claimed prior. Chelsea Manning is probably in solitary confinement. We’re incarcerating hundreds of children who have risked their lives and left their families hoping for a better life. Guantanamo still has prisoners. Reality is stranger than fiction, and, from my perspective, we’re in a trough more deep than in a very long time — we meaning the U.S. and the world.

Infrequently, I listen to network television and feel I’m watching Cliff Notes — a dumbed down version of something poignant. Instead, I choose to watch and listen to Democracy Now! with host Amy Goodman and get to hear voices that are normally not heard and instead are very well worth hearing. Many are the primary sources for the issues they bring to the fore — important issues.

This Saturday, Amy Goodman is coming to the Island to speak at the Katharine Cornell at 7 pm, or if you know her work and want to meet her she will be at the Beach Plum Restaurant the same day at 5 pm. All proceeds go to either Democracy Now! and WVVY which broadcasts her show daily at noon. Both receive no corporate funding so they remain 100 percent independent and are nonprofit organizations. Charlayne Hunter-Gault will introduce Amy Goodman at both events. That’s how important she is.

If Bill Moyers had a daughter, Amy Goodman is a good candidate. But, sadly, she is hardly known. Nearly 20 years on alternative radio and most people I ask to come to this event do not know her. That needs to change. Make the effort. Take the time to come to either one or both of these events. Amy Goodman is someone who can shift your life and with our help can shift the direction of our country.

Paul Lazes

Vineyard Haven