Many helpers


To the Editor:

I would sincerely like to thank everyone who helped me the night of December 19, after I suffered a heart attack under the Christmas tree at my dear friend Jaime Hamlin’s annual holiday party. Thank you Jaime, Dr. Yukevich, Nina Thayer, and the Tisbury ambulance folks for getting me to the hospital.

Thank you Dr. Kendall and the ER team for diagnosing and stabilizing me. Thanks to the Coast Guard helicopter that attempted to come to Martha’s Vineyard but had to turn back. There was no way off Martha’s Vineyard that night. Thanks to the Oak Bluffs EMTs that drove me to Mass General at 6 am, through a snowstorm in horrendous and dangerous conditions. You were great, professional and helpful.

Thank you Dr. Guiney for forgetting to turn off your beeper and taking Dr. Kendall’s 2 am call. Thanks to the great Mass General, Ellison 11, and the wonderful nurses.

Thanks to Bridget Tobin, Commonwealth Care, and L.D.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Robert Green