Oak Bluffs fire department receives $66,500 grant


The Oak Bluffs Fire Department this week learned that it will receive a $66,500 federal grant under the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grants program. The money will be allocated to purchase a plymovent system to remove the diesel exhaust from the department emitted by the fire apparatus, according to a press release provided by the offices of SenatorsEdward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry and Representative William Delahunt.

Fire Chief Gilbert Forend said the grant would enable the department to install a much-needed vehicle exhaust extraction system, and remove the dangerous toxins emitted by our apparatus into the fire station daily. He credited executive assistant Anita Billings for her hard work in preparing and executing the grant application.

The nationwide program was designed to strengthen community preparation for fire-related emergencies and protect the safety of fire personnel. Visit firegrantsupport.com for more information.