West Tisbury unearths unused scholarship


West Tisbury selectmen last week deeded a long-forgotten $3,600 scholarship trust fund to the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Scholarship Fund.

Residents established the fund as a gift to the town 25 years ago as a memorial to the late Everett D. Whiting, treasurer Kathy Logue told the selectmen.

Ms. Logue discovered the unused funds recently in a review of town documents. “We talked with several heirs who suggested we deed it to the agricultural society’s scholarship fund,” she said.

Selectmen also asked town administrator Jen Rand to follow up with town resident and furniture maker Carlton Sprague who has offered to build a conference table for the renovated town hall, using lumber from an elm tree removed recently from the town hall site to allow renovation work to begin.

Ms. Rand provided a sketch of the six-foot circular table design prepared by Mr. Sprague that would seat six to eight people. Mr. Sprague is willing to craft the table at minimal cost, she noted.