SSA gift cards are “no good here”


To the Editor:

I was given a Steamship Authority gift card for Christmas this year (a thoughtful and practical gift) and have tried to use it on two occasions, but both times it was not accepted. I should say that the back of the card reads, “This card is redeemable at any Steamship Authority location or online at”

The first was at Palmer Avenue lot, where I was told the card was “no good here.” Upon inquiry, the SSA told me there was a glitch in the system, which had been fixed. I have not had the opportunity to test this claim.

The second was on the ferry at the lunch counter, where I was told the cards “are not accepted here” (I see a pattern). Upon appeal to the SSA, I was told that because the food service is handled by a vendor, they are not accepting SSA gift cards, but they are working on that.

I’m not sure who is in charge of the gift card program, but they have not done their system testing or their due diligence and rushed to release a product that is sub-par.

If anyone from the SSA would like to read my notes and suggestions for this program, I will gladly make it available for a small fee. My contact information can be found in my SSA profile.

Ross MacPherson
Vineyard Haven