Flyers soar

Ralph Stewart

Scoring in every period while holding their Island hosts scoreless, the Framingham Flyers, the third-ranked team in Massachusetts Division One boys high school hockey, defeated the Vineyarders at the MV Arena, Saturday, 5-0.

The home side skated hard and played well, if a bit tentatively at times. Unfortunately, a near-perfect performance was required. Framingham was deep, mistake free, allowed few rebounds, and got superb goaltending from Cam Chassie when they needed it.

The Islanders were strongest in period one, doing a good job of containing the Flyers, limiting scoring chances, and clogging up the ice. The Vineyarders eventually paid a price, though, for giving the visitors too much space in the corners. The Flyers threw the puck into the crease and snuck a garbage goal under Vineyard netminder Louis Jacobs-Walsh, who had a good night while facing substantial pressure.

The Flyers were quick to take advantage of any opening the Islanders gave them. Cam Leary potted two power play goals and Alex Owens converted on a nifty tic-tac-toe counterattack following a good Vineyard scoring chance.

M.V. never stopped skating, though. Darren Gazaille, Chris Davies, and Henry Smith buzzed around the Flyer cage to no avail, but the hosts forged a 9-8 shot on goal advantage in the final period. Over all, the Flyers had 31 SOG to M.V.’s 18.