I got a present from the library. I am now the proud owner of a pretty coral tee-shirt advertising Newman’s Own Salsa. And I am only one of about 30 lucky winners. We enjoyed a number of Paul Newman movies along with free Newman’s Own popcorn and lemonade – all provided, along with the tee-shirts, by Newman’s Own. What a delightful way to start off the New Year.

This New Year’s Eve was marked by a blue moon. Another “once in a blue moon” event was the plowing of our road a couple of weeks ago. Turns out the town did not clear the snow. They don’t do that anymore. Instead one of our neighbors plowed our road and the road along the power line. Our rescuer was John Holenko. Thank heavens for good neighbors.

After dinner on New Year’s day, our guests had a grand time chasing the turkeys in our yard. Unfortunately, they took lots of pictures with new digital cameras. That’s a problem because the flash did not seem to annoy these turkeys. Old-fashioned cameras with a strong flash would deter the turkeys from returning for several days.

Sherm and Susan Goldstein invite you to a slumber party during the month of January at the Mansion House. The Goldsteins are celebrating 25 years in the hotel business. Twenty-five years ago Susan was a teacher in the West Tisbury School and Sherm worked for Community Services. Then they purchased the Tisbury Inn, on the site of an inn built in 1794. The Mansion House Inn took back its historic name in 2001. In 2003 the West Tisbury fourth grade buried a time capsule on the corner of Main and Beach Streets to be opened at their 50th reunion. If you want to see what visitors enjoy year-round, this slumber party is for you.

Vineyarders can book a room for $25 per person and view Main Street or the Vineyard Haven Harbor from their hotel room. Check out the historic steeples or watch for the ferry. Some rooms have a fireplace, soaking tub, and flat screen TV. All guests enjoy free use of the health club, classes, pool, and a complimentary breakfast in Zephrus. The slumber party includes all the hotel perks. For more, call 508-693-2200.

Children aged up to two years and ages three to five will have yoga with Bonnie Menton instead of story times at the library next Tuesday. Ages five and up will have yoga with Bonnie at 3:30 pm next Thursday. A week from Friday there is no school in Tisbury so ages four and up can enjoy a free movie and popcorn at 1 pm.

Sandy Whitworth says play reading, poetry discussion, painting, bridge, mah jong, sit and be fit exercise, and lunchtime health talks continue through the winter at the Tisbury Senior Center.

Mondays at 10 am you can join trainer Eddie Parker for a one-hour exercise class to help you strengthen, stretch, and tone with good music and laughter. Bring a mat for floor work.

Nicole Barlett, a registered nurse with the Vineyard Nursing Association, will talk to you about cancer prevention on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 11 am. Take control of your health with proper diet and exercise. What do you want to know? When to be tested for prostate cancer? What about melanoma? Ask your questions of someone who knows. There is no charge, but call the center to reserve your spot: 508-696-4205. A healthy bowl of soup will be offered.

Today, Susan Klein begins the seventh Spice of Life: Memoir Organization and Writing workshop. The class runs eight weeks through February 25. You can write your own life story – and it is a lot of fun. Call Susan at 508-693-4140 for more.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Judy Belushi Pisano. Tomorrow belongs to Allyson Wajda and Ned Orleans. Wish the best on Sunday to David Burt. Gay Nelson parties on Tuesday. Happy birthday to Allan Davey, Sr., and Donna Paulson. They celebrate next Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: I always knew I wanted to grow up to be somebody. I realize now I should been more specific.