If you didn’t vote, I don’t want to hear about it. Certainly no one could claim ignorance. We were bombarded with phone calls and commercials. One woman said she received recorded phone calls from the president and members of his family and even the vice president.

I still can’t believe how a little squirrel disrupted our lives at the beginning of last week. It is disconcerting each time to realize how dependent we are on electricity. My husband grumbled about making breakfast. I was annoyed that I could not use the computer. It certainly gave a jump-start to Monday.

Last weekend we had a number of visitors in our town from across Massachusetts and New York as well as at least one group from Canada. Most were surprised at how quiet it was in town. There were few people walking on the streets and not many cars. Several people asked why stores were closed on a holiday weekend.

The Mansion House was full this past weekend. Many of the guests were Islanders taking advantage of the special deal this month. Nancy Gardella was one of those. You know, she is the one who writes the Vineyard Haven column for the Gazette. She enjoyed the long weekend and the company of her sister-in-law, who is also named Nancy Gardella. She usually spends her winters in White Plains, N.Y., and Fort Myers, Fla. The two Nancys strolled along Main Street, greeting friends and neighbors along the way.

If you are interested in origami or simply a curious person, this is the film for you. “Between the Folds” is the story of 10 artists and scientists who abandoned careers and graduate degrees to forge unconventional lives as paper folders. They interpret the world in paper, using origami to demonstrate the innumerable ways that art and science help us to understand the world around us. The film starts at 7:30 pm on Saturday at the Cornell Theatre.

Also this Saturday evening the Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard will gather to celebrate Robbie Burns’s birthday. That is the excuse for bagpipes, conviviality, and a delicious dinner at the Harbor View Hotel. It also offers the opportunity for women to wear long skirts while the men brave cold breezes while wearing kilts in tartans named for various Scottish clans.

Are you spiritual but not religious? You may be surprised to learn that you are only one among many Americans who feel that way. Hear more about it from Jeremy D. Nickel who will discuss this topic on Sunday at 11 am at the Unitarian-Universalist Society on Main Street. All are welcome.

Barbara Armstrong, the Tisbury School secretary, invites parents or guardians of children who will be five years of age on or before September 1 to register the child for kindergarten at the Tisbury School. Call Barbara at 508-696-6500 to request a pre-registration packet. Registration will held be on April 2.

That brings back a lot of memories. When my youngest was going into kindergarten, he was a very shy little boy. I had worked with the kindergarten teacher so I asked whether I could bring him in just to see the room the day before school started. She agreed. While he absolutely refused to respond to her greeting, he took a long time looking around the room, said nothing, and we left.

The next day I joined several other nervous parents who were delivering their kindergartners. We loitered around the edge of the room as the teacher had each child take a seat. Then my little boy looked up. He gave a little wave and said “Bye, mom.” All the other parents left with me, allowing the little ones to get on with their work.

Join Mark Alan Lovewell and meet the photographers of the 2010 Wildlife Calendar in the Discovery Room at Felix Neck. That beautiful calendar that benefits Felix Neck is for sale at the Beach House on Main Street. The free program on photographing the full moon and wildlife is from 5:30 to 7:30 pm a week from Saturday. For more, visit massaudubon.org/felixneck where you will find an absolutely adorable little barn owl peeking out at you.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Cathy Deese and Anne Downing. Wish the best on Sunday to Kevin Hammond. Happy birthday to Caroline Davey who parties on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: There are two theories about arguing with women. Neither one works.