Now, an assault on Vineyard Sound


Now, an assault on Vineyard Sound

To the Editor:

The July 2 issue of The Times, on page 43, displayed a plan showing the coastline of the state of Massachusetts. The so called draft ocean management plan purports to indicate what areas are on and off bounds for the location of wind powered electric generators.

The plan on page 43 remarkably shows two approved areas, one southwest of Cuttyhunk Island, but using up one half of the distance between Cuttyhunk and Gay Head.

Can you imagine that anyone could propose effectively blocking one half of the western entrance to Vineyard Sound.

It would seem that state environmental affairs Secretary Ian Bowles’ office is responsible for making this proposal.

I hope that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has more common sense than Mr. Bowles, but from what I read, I am not impressed.

On another subject, I read the other day in your fine paper the report that the leadership of the Wampanoag tribe in Aquinnah had refused the bribe of $1 million, if they would cancel out their objection to the location of 130 wind generators in Nantucket Sound.

This decision by the tribe’s leadership deserves the highest praise, an example of good judgment and integrity.

These qualities seem to be in short supply recently, especially in our nation’s capital, where arrogant bribery has become an accepted way of doing business.

I take my hat off to the leadership of the Wampanoag tribe in Aquinnah.

Robert S. Douglas

West Tisbury