Part of the problem, part of the solution


Part of the problem, part of the solution

To the Editor:

As owners of Tony’s Market in Oak Bluffs, we want Island residents and officials to know that we are, and for a long time have been, keenly aware of traffic issues on Dukes County Avenue. The recent meeting of the Oak Bluffs Roads and Byways Committee, attended by many thoughtful and concerned residents of Oak Bluffs, was helpful to us. It is clear that we, in concert with many others, must carefully examine all aspects of the complex issues presented by the many people, vehicles, businesses and homes involved in, and dependent on, a 33-foot wide street laid out in the 1870s, barely five years after the end of the American Civil War.

Tony’s has pledged to work with the committee and has already submitted to it data that may be helpful in their consideration of solutions to the issues on Dukes County Avenue. We have just completed an intensive examination of the street from Tony’s to Wing Road and will submit our findings and suggestions to the committee. We will stay in touch with the committee, attend its meetings whenever we can be of help, suggest approaches and solutions, and be as helpful and responsive as possible. Our success has contributed to the problems on the street, and we will work with our neighbors and town officials to bring about a safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable roadway.

We invite anyone interested in discussing our operations or the area around us to contact Dave at Tony’s in person, by phone, by mail at Box 2106, Oak Bluffs or email at Thank you.

Dave and Ellen Richardson

Oak Bluffs