Thanks, and the work continues


Thanks, and the work continues

To the Editor:

The volunteers of the Martha’s Vineyard Fish Farm for Haiti Project thank all those who have donated financially and materially to our Earthquake Relief efforts. We thank all the groups who have organized benefits on-Island and off-Island as well.

This week, Vineyard volunteers Karen Flynn and Jeanne Staples (PeaceQuilts) are in Haiti with volunteers from Haitian Outreach of Leominster. They brought with them funding, donated supplies, gifts to the sponsored children, elbow grease, and an ample supply of good will and cheer to brighten those traumatized by the earthquake.

We continue our Earthquake Relief Drive and are now accepting donations of children’s clothing, as well as medical supplies and equipment. For more information check our website where we will be posting our updates, or call 508-693-0368.

In solidarity with our Haitian brothers and sisters.

Margaret Pénicaud

MV Fish Farm for Haiti Project

Vineyard Haven