To the Editor:

The MV Squirt C team won the league finals 1-0, against the Barnstable Thrashers, in an exciting finish.

As a mom who is new to this game, I find there is always a lesson to be learned. Why does the umpire blow his whistle anyway? Why is player X sitting in the sin bin. What is D? I learned the basics.

The most enjoyable part of the season was watching the kids manage the bigger lessons, and this year our kids mastered keep on trying, till the final whistle blows, keep on going. Now, they earned champion status. But, what happened after the game was a lesson in grace.

In the post-game chaos and jubilance, the locker room was hot and sweaty and joyous. The door opened and a little guy, wearing the red shirt of the opposing team, came meekly into the room.

There was silence, and he stuttered a little and here’s what he wanted to say.

We played you guys at the beginning of the season and you weren’t very (he was finding it difficult searching for the right word, then he came out and said what he had to say) good. But you got better and better, and we really respect that, and we are happy that you won the game today. He smiled, his hair stuck to his head and his cheeks flushed. He delivered a beautiful lesson in sportsmanship. All season, the Thrashers were the team that checked in if one of our players was injured on the ice, or the first to say good game, win or lose. They always delivered the care factor and our kids responded in kind. It was a win-win.

Thanks to MVYH for all the hard work, the coaches who volunteered, and all the teams who made for a great season. Beautiful memories were made.

Lara Robinson