Vineyard Haven is already busy

To the Editor:

As a longtime seasonal resident (12 summers) I would like to express my strong disapproval of the proposed wine-and-beer licensing in Vineyard Haven. However well administered and policed, the availability of wine and beer at restaurants will lead to yet more traffic and congestion in what is already a busy place, hard to drive through and hard to park in. It is inevitable that opening the door will lead to an even more unregulated environment in the future, with bars and taverns and all that comes along with that.

One of the many glories of the Vineyard is its diversity, and the quiet, family oriented nature of Vineyard Haven is an important part of that mosaic. I have no doubt that it is also an important part of sustaining property values there. Those who want bars and taverns need only drive across the bridge.

Paul Attanasio

Los Angeles