County rat dept. vehicle is target of vandalism


Edgartown Police are investigating a tire slashing incident that occurred Tuesday on Main Street in Edgartown. T.J. Hegarty, Dukes County Integrated Pest Management program director, told police that after attending the Edgartown annual town meeting, he returned to his county truck parked in front of the Dr. Daniel Fisher House to find two tires on the passenger side slashed.

In a letter to The Times that arrived after today’s letters deadline, Mr. Hegarty said he has ordered two new tires. The county employee had an additional message: “To the pinhead(s) with the intelligence of a squished tick that slashed the county truck tires,” Mr. Hegarty wrote. “I want you to know that in this recessed economy, you have squandered $ 754.77 of the taxpayers’ money by your malicious and cowardly actions.”