Cruel and unnecessary


To the Editor:

In the last few weeks, I watched my very healthy three-year-old cat become more and more despondent and most assuredly ill. She was brave, sleeping in out of the way, dark places as cats do when they are trying to heal themselves. She was not healing. As her belly grew, the bones on her back began to show. I had a vet look at her. Figuring it might be worms, the doctor wormed her and left me to watch for improvements. She did not improve.

On the suggestion of my neighbor, I took her to Vineyard Veterinary Clinic in Edgartown. Instantly, Dr. Dunnigan determined the cat to be very ill indeed. She took the cat to run a series of blood tests and x-rays. Shortly thereafter, the doctor placed the x-ray on the light board and told me the bad news. As she pointed out two, yes two, air rifle bullets lodged in my beautiful cat it was like hearing the words underwater. Two bullets, one in her back leg and one, after having ripped through her innards, lodged in the back of her abdomen.

Sparing further detail, the prognosis was dire and the cat was put to sleep. She was purring right up until the last moment. I left the vet with a basket full of my cat. Dr. Dunnigan and Danielle Sedlier were tremendously caring. I cried my eyes out, not only for the death of my cat, but at the unbelievable circumstances that brought us to this moment. Who purposefully kills cats?

I am desperate to understand how this could happen. Perhaps she was stalking bird feeders; she is a cat after all. If I had been approached I would have gotten her a bell collar or made any attempt to alter the situation. It is not an option for someone to kill a pet. It is, in fact, illegal. Now I am left to worry about all of the other pets roaming around our wonderful little neighborhood.

I put this out there to anyone killing cats for sport or purpose… gather up some decency and stop feeling entitled to take the lives of your neighbors beloved pets. It is cruel and unnecessary. I advocate peace and non-violence. I work every day to impart this wisdom to little children. They are quite adept at building peace in their lives and classrooms. How about you?

Lorna Ashe

Oak Bluffs