Forty years ago the Environmental Protection Agency was established to address the pubic demand for cleaner water, air, and land. Also created 40 years ago was Earth Day which we can celebrate today by choosing an action you can commit to. Like the Jack Johnson song goes, “If you’re going to the market to buy some juice, you’ve got to bring your own bags and you learn to reduce your waste. And if your brother or your sister’s got some cool clothes you could try them on before you buy some more of those. Reuse, we’ve got to learn to reuse. And if the first two R’s don’t work out and if you’ve got to make some trash don’t throw it out. Recycle, we’ve got to learn to recycle.”

This afternoon is the first Thursday prayer service offered at the Chilmark Community Church. All are welcome to attend the 5 pm non-denominational service. It will be short, with a few moments of silent observance and one or two Taize songs. I’ll admit I had to look up the definition. In brief, the Taize Community was founded in 1940 in the small French town by that name. The group sought to awaken spirituality, and promote unity and peace. The community’s style of worship, including the mixing of meditative prayer and song, periods of silence, and the use of light have influenced services in many Christian churches. You really have to appreciate the power of the internet search.

John and Margaret Verret have made the transition to year-round island life by selling their off-Island house and making Quansoo their home. Welcome to town, neighbors. I hope to see you at Monday’s town meeting, starting at 7:30 pm, when we are requested to assemble at the Community Center to act on the Articles in the Warrant. I paraphrased a bit but I think you get the idea. Town elections are Wednesday, April 28, from noon to 8 pm at the Center. Say hello to my dearly beloved as he cranks the ballot box for you.

Margaret Maida is back from Florida after a three-week visit with family. She returned to a yard full of daffodils in bloom.

Next Wednesday, April 28, at 5:30 pm, planning a vegetable garden will be the topic presented by Chris Wiley of Vineyard Gardens. His lecture will focus to what, how, and when to plant and should be interesting for the novice and avid gardeners alike. The event is sponsored by the Friends of the Chilmark Public Library.

Christine, Betsy, Bob, Patty and the rest of the Larsen crew are painting and prepping for the upcoming season. Their plan is for the doors to open for business at Larsen’s Fish Market on April 29.

Kara Merry will have Pandora’s Box ready to greet the masses on May 1. She’s been in the shop here and there organizing and looking forward to another season on Basin Road.

F/V Jane Lee had some engine trouble a short while back. The engine was hauled out through the opening in the top of the cabin dubbed “the sunroof.” The engine has been repaired and was lowered back through that same hole with the help of Tashmoo Boatyard’s crane. The engine is up and running.

We like to think that spring is all butterflies and daffodils but unfortunate things occur, too. There was a house fire at the Rivera home in a remote location on Quenames Road. Fire Chief David Norton extends his gratitude to all that helped extinguish the blaze including the West Tisbury Fire Department who responded as mutual aid.

Susan Larsen continues on her march to have a say in finding the cure for breast cancer. She has hit the $10,000 mark which far exceeds her original goal of $1,800. Be part of the cure and donate to her cause today. On May 15 and 16 she will proudly walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Boston as a survivor. She will walk for those who are not as fortunate, for those who can’t afford proper medical care, for those who are seeking a cure for the disease. Thank you, Sue, for continuing to be an inspiration.

Jonathan Klaren, sergeant with the Chilmark police, will be biking for MS next weekend. May 1 is the day that Jonathan will set out to bike 100K and he, too, looks for your financial support. You can go to WWW.NationalMSSociety.Org. I hope you will keep a look out and cheer as the riders go by.

Also happening next Saturday May 1 is the Women’s Symposium XXV. The event is from 9 am to 12 noon at the Community Center and is titled “Rearranging Priorities.” There will be speakers, small group discussions and refreshments. The event is free but donations are greatly appreciated to help cover costs. Please contact Bonnie George at (508) 645-3214 if you need further information.