Edgartown voters reject South Beach concession stands


Edgartown voters continued their spending ways last week and decided one electoral contest. A total of 524 Edgartown voters, or 17 percent of the town’s 3,128 registered voters, went to the polls on Thursday, April 15.

There was one contest. In a two-way race for a one-year term on the planning board, Michael Jon McCourt defeated Dudley Levick 3rd, by a vote of 284 to 191.

Voters approved eight money ballot questions. They rejected a non-binding question to allow mobile concession stands at South Beach.

Question one, a request that taxpayers pay an additional $250,000 in real estate and personal property taxes to purchase a new ambulance for the fiscal year that begins on July 1, passed 354-155.

Question two, a request for $236,000 for the operation and maintenance of the dredge program, passed 352-154.

Question three, a request for $135,000 for the purpose of resurfacing and rebuilding various town streets, passed 367-139.

Question four, a request for $45,000 to build and repair various town sidewalks, bike paths, and storm water drainage systems, passed 379-131.

Question five, a request for $300,000 to pay for architects, engineers, plans, and any other expenses for a library construction project, passed 282-222.

Question six, a request for $25,000 to purchase five doors for the Wastewater Treatment Plant, passed 339-154.

Question seven, a request for $40,270 to replace the heating systems at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, passed 353-147.

Question eight, a Proposition 2.5 request to pay for the principal and interest on bonds or notes issued for the extension of the sewer system into the Island Grove subdivision, passed 329-167.

Question nine regarding South Beach concessions failed, 237-272.

In uncontested races, voters elected Edward Belisle, board of assessors (430); Harold T. Zadeh, board of health (406); Michael Donaroma, selectman (360); Scott Ellis, constable (449); Frederick M. Condon, (375), Steven C. Jordan (352), finance advisory committee; H. Glenn Carpenter (396), Edward B. Ned Southworth III (389), library trustees; Edward W. Vincent Jr., Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission (405); Christopher M. Dolby, park commission (403); Fred D. Mascolo, planning board (336); David B. Rossi, school committee (425); Ronald Cliff Karako, wastewater treatment committee (407); John Lovewell, water commission (406).