Gourmet thief on the lam with lobster rolls


A gourmet thief with a discerning palate struck at Grace Episcopal Church Sunday.

“During the 11 am service, someone wandered into the kitchen and wandered out with one tray of lobster rolls,” the Rev. Robert Hensley, church rector, confirmed in a phone call yesterday.

Although not the usual fare, the mini-lobster rolls were destined for the coffee hour spread after the service. They were a special treat left over from a funeral reception held at the church hall Saturday.

The galloping gourmet left ham and cheese sandwiches and veggie wraps behind. The tray that held the lobster rolls was a black plastic deli tray of little value, Mr. Hensley said.

The thief’s stealthy kitchen caper was aided by the fact that folding doors between the church hall and sanctuary had been closed earlier to lessen noise when it came time for coffee hour preparations.

Given the thief’s timing, Mr. Hensley agreed it is likely someone who knows the church schedule and its reputation for good food. The person would have been welcome to walk in and enjoy Grace Church’s coffee hour hospitality, he added.