More attention needed


To the Editor:

Is it true? At the special town meeting, did we vote to put the new connector road three feet from the dog pound? Did we vote for the design shown on the graphic or some version the engineers are working on? When will we know?

The proposed connector road has been planned for some time, and the town has been asked to approve several stages. This crucial stage, the actual design of the road, deserves our careful attention. This is the road that will determine our driving habits for years. I, for one, do not know whether what we voted for was the design shown on the screen or some version that the engineers said they are working on. We need more than a flat projection, poorly delineated and adorned only with little stamps to indicate vehicles. Will there be sidewalks, curbs, trees? None of this was addressed in the short presentation at the meeting before we voted.

A project as important as this requires our careful attention. What we were shown last Tuesday evening and voted on so quickly did not meet the necessary criteria. When the engineers have completed their design, will the board of public works schedule another hearing to clarify what we can expect?

This matter deserves your attention.

Mary H. Snyder

Vineyard Haven