Oak Bluffs


A typical Vineyard spring season has arrived with the colder temperatures and rain we have been having. At least we have had a few sunny days lately and along with the increasing sunshine, the animal population in my neighborhood has been increasing. My first new visitor was what I thought at first was a wild rabbit, but as it kept visiting I realized I had never seen a wild rabbit of that color before. It is a shade of orangey rust and quite large so probably is a domestic one. Along with my bunny visitor has come a beautiful young white calico cat that is very friendly and I am quite tempted to invite it in, but have managed to resist temptation so far. So if anyone is missing a rabbit or cat in the neighborhood of Alpine Ave., come by my house!

The final meeting of the year for the MV Women’s Network is May 6 from 6 to 8 pm in the Baylies Room at the Old Whaling Church. The program will be a discussion by Lynn Donahue, a junior high school dropout from New Bedford who became the area’s first woman bricklayer and then a self-made millionaire. She is the founder of Brick By Brick, a New Bedford-based non-profit organization that helps teenagers foster creativity and adults struggling with career choices. She is the author of a critically acclaimed book, “Brick By Brick.”

The 5th grade, in conjunction with the student council, is making effort to support our community in being more Green. They tell us that if every home replaced just one incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than three million homes for a year, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions on more than 800,000 cars.

The elections are over and along with congratulations and some disappointed candidates comes the realization that there is a lot of hard work still ahead for our town so that we can survive the financial dilemmas ahead.

The Miles of Memories Alzheimer’s walk is being held on the Vineyard, Sunday, May 16. Walkers are welcome and registration is at 11, walk at noon from the little bridge to the big bridge and back on Beach Road. Team Bink is hoping to exceed their fundraising goal and be the top team again! Join them or feel free to drop a tax-deductible check off (made out to Alzheimer’s Services) at Bink’s Auto on Winthrop Ave. in Oak Bluffs.

Happy 8th birthday today to Shelby Ponte with love from her mom and dad, big brother, Hunter, and new baby brother, Jake. Sharing her birth date is Cee-J Jones, who will be 93. We also send birthday smiles on the 24th to Peter Martell, followed by Donna Pacheco and Andy Farrissey on April 25, and Patrick Garrett on the 26th. His co-workers at Phillips Hardware send belated birthday wishes to Shannon “Stretch” Allen, who celebrated on April 16. April 24 brings wedding anniversary wishes to Bink and Carol deBettencourt, and Peter and Helen Valentas celebrate 64 years of marriage on April 28.

Enjoy your week.Peace.