Preserve Tisbury


To the Editor:

I was born and raised here, and am currently a resident of Tisbury.

Main Street has evolved from a group of merchants who provided affordable goods and services year-round for our town residents. Now we offer very few stores who continue to meet the basic needs, and we have tee-shirt, souvenir shops, art galleries, and expensive shops to attract tourists.

Fellow residents who enjoy our quiet self-sustaining community now want to change it.

Beer and wine is not going to save Main Street. This article opens a can of worms. Nineteen year-round licenses and any number of seasonal licenses. The selectmen will become power brokers. Main Street will become another Circuit Avenue of restaurants and television sets. How soon will a game room follow?

Main Street needs parking and landlords who don’t charge an arm and leg for rent. Don’t destroy what is left of Main Street.

Preserve Tisbury, vote no on question one, April 27.

Mary Ellen Larsen