Real change for the better


To the Editor:

A yes vote to permit the sale of beer or wine will allow only the following to occur: The sale of only beer or wine, only with food, only at your table, only at dining establishments approved and licensed by the town, only at those with at least 30 seats, and only by wait staff who have received state approved certification. That is all a yes vote will allow.Please do not be fooled by the forces of no, those who try to control your life choices with nonsense fables of cigarette boats racing though our harbor, drunks careening recklessly down our streets, and of children too fearful to walk Main Street.However, there might well be other changes to Tisbury. Perhaps more, and better, shops will be able to remain open in the evening, and a bit later in the season. Perhaps these local businesses will need more local people as staff. Perhaps the various cultural and theater companies might have a couple of more productions. Perhaps the town regains its character as a quietly vibrant place to stroll, shop and dine. Perhaps more fees, room and meals taxes will flow into Tisbury’s treasury, moderating the tax burden and allowing for better town services. Perhaps Tisbury may enjoy a gentle renewal in its year-round role.During our 25-year tenure on Main Street, as stewards of the Tisbury Inn and Mansion House, we have learned a great deal about real change. We have learned not to confuse the real excitement of positive change with the false contractions of fear. Tisbury is a very real town, with a very real opportunity. Please vote yes.Sherm GoldsteinSusan Goldstein

West Tisbury