We must provide expected services


To the Editor:

As a resident of this Island who enjoys eating out fairly often, I encourage others to vote yes for beer and wine in Tisbury for several reasons. The economy of this Island depends on tourism, and we need to provide services that visitors would expect to find in any resort, especially one as upscale as ours. As Tisbury remains the primary port of entry to this Island, it only makes sense for those local restaurants to be able to accommodate the needs of our valued tourists. Many come without cars, as we’ve encouraged them to, only to find out they have no way to get to the next town to buy the beer or wine they’d expect to enjoy with their meal. One time I offered to share my bottle of wine with a couple from England who were clearly disappointed about this situation and were extremely grateful for my gesture. But it shouldn’t have to be this way. Our tourists should be able to enjoy all the amenities they find in any resort, and our restaurant owners should have the opportunity to offer the services that help them survive economically. Times are tough right now, and we should do whatever it takes to keep our Island accommodating and enticing.

Tom Lankiewicz Vineyard Haven