Democratic prescription


To the Editor:

Over the past week, I made a number of calls to town residents urging them to vote in the coming election and asking them to support my favorite candidate. Most people were polite and, judging by the record turnout, many people were concerned enough about one issue or another to come to the polls to vote. I was disappointed in one sourpuss who told me at length that everyone in town government was making bad decisions and that “nobody votes” because it doesn’t matter. I suggested that, with his strong opinions, he should run for office or at least vote to express his opinions. I wish I had added one more thought — that if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about the way the town is managed and the way your taxes are spent. Citizens voting at town meetings and at the ballot box govern our Island towns. Voter turnout at town meetings is remarkably low, even when there is a major issue to decide. Turnout at polls is better, but it takes a big issue to attract even half the registered voters in Tisbury. The world is run by those who show up. As Tisbury’s FinCom likes to point out at every town meeting, “It’s your money.” If you want to be heard, use your voice by speaking out at town meeting, voting at the polls, even running for office. If you don’t care to get involved, don’t complain about the decisions made by your fellow residents. So, vote, volunteer, agitate. Make things happen, instead of letting things happen to you. You’ll make more friends, and you’ll have more fun. Jon Snyder

Vineyard Haven