The buds are on the oak trees, which means everything is probably already green in Vineyard Haven. Last year, I took photos while riding up Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road and was astonished by how the bare tree limbs of Edgartown gave way to budding branches at the blinking light and full-on foliage by the time we reached State Road. Well, we know what they say about patience. As long as the sun is shining, we’ll green up eventually.A tragedy has occurred that I have now gone two weeks without mentioning, I’m guessing due to a psychological block. I finally made it into Dairy Queen for my first butterscotch dip of the season a couple weeks ago. There, behind the counter, were Erika Bettencourt and Nicole Gazaille, eager to take my order, and all was as it should be. I requested my usual, small butterscotch dip and watched as Nicole’s face got very serious. Dairy Queen is no longer offering butterscotch dip, she told me. The butterscotch dip that I have been enjoying my whole life. The butterscotch dip I first had back when the Dairy Queen was across the street, next door to the A&P and we’d walk there after school on half- days. It took me a minute to process this. Erika is attempting to fight the powers that be up the DQ ladder and get us back our butterscotch dip. In the meantime, memorial services are encouraged, and I promise to keep all apprised of this dire situation moving forward.Barbara Phillips is a first-time grandma! Daughter Leah Phillips D’Amato welcomed to the world twin baby girls April 20. Mallory arrived at 1:45 pm — with sister Madeline one minute behind. Best of luck to Leah and husband, and new dad, Joe, as they will certainly have their hands full.Bill Buckley will be showing his paintings at the Chilmark Public Library, beginning with an opening reception for the public May 1, from 3 to 5 pm. The show is called “Vineyard Views” and features 20 to 30 paintings done all over the Island. The show will run for three weeks and will be available for viewing during regular library hours. For a sneak peek of Bill’s work, visit his web site, paintingsbybillbuckley.com.Happy birthday to Stacy Ickes who celebrated her big day April 24. Stacy was feted by friends Saturday night at Alchemy. I won’t tell you how many candles were on the cake, but let’s just say we don’t yet need the fire department standing by. Additional birthday wishes go out this week to Dan Vaughan, Donna Goodale, Coo Cavallo, and Paulo DeOliveira. Hope you had a good one!Justine DeOliveira has shared news of an event at both Sharky’s locations tonight, April 29. A percentage of what you spend will be donated to the MVRHS Junior Class for their prom. There will be a silent auction at the Edgartown Sharky’s that night with lots of good stuff. So get out there, eat some tacos, and help these kids build some lifelong memories.Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary has a series of events coming up, on which I’ll be keeping you up-to-date. First up, they are looking for volunteers to be part of a project to collect data on Island horseshoe crab populations. For those interested in getting involved, there will be a training session Saturday, May 1, from 1 to 3 pm. Also upcoming is the Pinkletink Pizza Party, Friday, May 7, from 6:30 to 8 pm, at which you can grub on pizza while you “listen to the cacophony of pinks and tinks from the frogs that tell us spring is here.” For further information about these and other events, call Felix Neck at 508-627-4850.I have noticed that the second I mention someone in this column, that person goes and does something even more noteworthy and interesting, and then I’m stuck going, aw man! I don’t want to write about the same people over and over, but really, Jen Rankow and Tim Klein just brought a red tandem bike home from the Second Hand Store. Would you forgive me if I failed to mention this? I think not. So be on the lookout for the entertainment that should provide for the summer season. And Jen and Tim, this means you’re cut off from the column for a while, so please try to be boring for a bit. The rest of you, keep doing what you do, and I’ll continue to alert the masses.