Holga Heaven photography show at Featherstone

From left: Vivian Ewing, Mary-Louise Howell, Kira Shipway, Evan Eagan, and Steven Cabana look closely at a Holga during the opening reception last Sunday. — File photo by Ralph Stewart

Weeks ago, several young art students were given inexpensive plastic cameras, called Holgas, and an assignment to take one roll of pictures per week. What resulted opened with a reception at Featherstone Center for the Arts this past Sunday, and the show continues through May 5.

“I’m humbled by their creativity,” instructor Sam Hiser said in a press release. “Their thirst for new information is striking and their ability to apply it is even more impressive…This generation is not overawed by technology: their drive for textures and capacities is uninhibited.”

The Chinese-made Holga is noted and loved for its limitations: a plastic lens, one shutter speed about 1/60th of a second, and one aperture setting. Pictures from Holgas are characterized by their sharp centers and soft edges, resulting in unpredictable but often satisfying light.