What trees?


To the Editor:

I am a fellow lowly minion like Steve Bernier, although I’m a native Islander who doesn’t own $10,320,400 In Island real estate.

Mr. Bernier calls himself “Parking Attendant,” (see news briefs) but he is patronizing his customers. He doesn’t have to play the part of the humbled, struggling local to get my attention. Especially when he is informing me of his plans to charge me more for groceries than I already pay, sometimes nearly double, compared to what I would if I were off-Island. (Example, one box of Oreo’s at Wal-Mart $2.78; one box of Oreo’s at Cronig’s $4.49). Secondly, why doesn’t he try implementing a program that will actually get you and your trees some results? Like the program Whole Foods implemented last year, a ten-cent credit for every bag you bring, which you can apply to your bill or give to a local charity. Let’s face it, having to spend five cents per bag probably won’t bother too many people, especially if they are shopping at Cronig’s to begin with, considering the prices. But, knowing you would get a five-cent credit for every bag you bring feels like a reward. People like rewards. And the purpose of this program is to save the trees, right, not to sell bags? Thirdly, where is that five cents going? I’d like a record of all the trees Mr. Bernier is saving with it. If this is a true plea for the cause of the environment, that money Mr. Bernier collects should go to the environment. I’d like the stores to post photos of all the special trees in need that are saved. Lastly, why, after 20 some odd years in business, is there a sudden urge to save the trees that coincides with Cronig’s very lengthy, and I’m sure very costly, renovation? What a coincidence. While I’m sure five cents per bag won’t put a big dent in the contractor’s bills, I’m sure a business person such as Mr. Bernier is counting every nickel. The funny thing? I already bring my own bags. I just think this new procedure is a pathetic ploy to escape one of the costs of doing business, unless of course I see proof the money is going towards the trees.

Pamela Belain
West Tisbury