Cpl Anthony Sullo, USMC, returns home


Corporal Anthony Sullo, USMC, right, received a big welcome home hug from his dad, Peter Sullo of Vineyard Haven, on his return to the Island Saturday, following his most recent tours of duty that took him to the Middle East and Haiti. Several family members and friends were there to greet him when he stepped off the ferry in Vineyard Haven at 5:45 pm.

Over the last several months Cpl. Sullo was deployed with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit to 10 different countries. His company was the first to arrive in Haiti after the January 12 earthquake and spent three months helping wounded survivors, cleaning up debris, and distributing food and water.

“I want to thank the Island community for all their support,” Cpl. Sullo said in a phone call Tuesday. “Packages people sent meant a lot to me during the hard times.”

Cpl. Sullo has completed his four-year military commitment. While exploring his possibilities on his return to civilian life, he started training this week at Rocco’s Family Style Italian Restaurant in Tisbury Marketplace, co-owned by his father and cousin, Christopher Pantalone.