New rape charge against Vineyard Haven man


Peter Duart, 42, of Vineyard Haven, already facing charges in connection with an earlier arrest, was arraigned Friday on a additional count of rape and an additional count of indecent assault and battery in Edgartown District Court, following an investigation by Oak Bluffs Police.

The female victim contacted police after she learned of Mr. Duarte’s arrest on March 17 on a charge of rape and indecent assault of a retarded person (the outdated term ‘retarded’ is the term used in the criminal statute) in connection with another victim.

She came forward, the police report said, “because she has to live with Duart’s actions for the rest of her life and wants him punished for what he did to her.”

The victim told police investigators she does not want anyone else to experience what she did because of Mr. Duart’s actions.

State Police arrested Mr. Duart on March 17 in Dartmouth after he left the Island, shortly after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Following his arraignment in Edgartown District Court, the case was moved to Superior Court. Mr. Duart was arraigned on those charges in Dukes County Superior Court Wednesday, April 28. A request to reduce Mr. Duart’s bail, set at $50,000, was denied at a bail hearing during the same session.

Mr. Duart is currently being held in the Dukes County Jail in Edgartown.

Mr. Duart was convicted of the rape and assault of a retarded man in 2004 and was sentenced to two years in state prison.