Tisbury certifies FinCom write-in candidates


John Packer, Bruce Lewellyn, and Mary Anny Oggioni Deyette won seats on Tisbury’s Finance and Advisory Committee (FinCom) in the April 27 election. They were the top three vote-getters among write-in candidates, according to an update from town clerk Marion Mudge.

There were four seats open on the FinCom. Incumbent Peter Hefler, the only candidate whose name appeared on the ballot, was also elected.

There was some confusion one day after the election about whether Ms. Oggioni was eligible to serve on the fincom. Ms. Mudge initially did not find Ms. Oggioni Deyette’s name listed as a Tisbury resident or as a registered voter in the town, because her name was written in on ballots as “Mary Oggioni” and she was listed as a registered voter under the last name Deyette. A town bylaw was murky on the subject of whether a FinCom member is required to be a registered voter and resident of Tisbury.

Ms. Oggioni Deyette cleared up the confusion when she stopped by to see Ms. Mudge at town hall and confirmed that she is indeed a Tisbury resident. She recently became a U.S. citizen and registered to vote in Tisbury in March. Ms. Mudge took the opportunity to swear Ms. Oggioni Deyette in as a FinCom member.