Volunteers made the difference


To the Editor:

A big thank you goes to the students, faculty and administration of the Oak Bluffs School, who cleaned up the long-accumulating litter along the path that goes through the woods behind the school.

As a walker and runner who frequently uses that path from South Circuit Avenue to Harthaven, it was dismaying to find the peaceful woods sullied by the whole variety of American consumable discards, much of it blown off the nearby school garbage containers.

So I visited Laury Binney, school principal, who told me that the entire school was about to launch an Earth Day group of activities aimed at making the children aware of our precious environment and the need to recycle and conserve. Last Friday, apparently, everyone did their share, because when my wife and I walked the path today it was delightfully clean.Shows how a group of volunteers can make a real difference. Thanks again, Oak Bluffs School.

Steve Auerbach
Oak Bluffs