Good works in Nicaragua


To the Editor:With love from Nicaragua.Hola from the children of Pacaya, and many thank yous for all the love you left behind. The articles from the newspapers are now up on the school wall for all to see. Almost all the students at this school had never seen a computer before, and because of the gift of four used laptops and the dedicated teaching of Jim Braley, many children and the teachers began the process of connecting to the world.Thank you to Philip Fleischmann who contributed maps, and so many items to equip the school and money to buy books, and to Joe Schroeder for his donations of sporting goods for the students, and to all the teachers and students of the schools on MV who gave us money to buy books. Thank you to Lynn Weber, who donated many children’s books in Spanish. The kindergarten teacher is so happy with her first books and will use them well.Lynn Ditchfield, director of Adult and Community Education of Martha’s Vineyard (A.C.E. MV) and Julie Hitchings, Toni Cohen, Nancy Whipple, and Jim and Meg Braley of Maine, did outstanding work with the children of Pacaya, teaching them so much through song and art, culminating in a performance for the parents. In just a few short hours, Lynn had a group of these children reciting Shakespeare, lines from Hamlet, in English. I was mighty impressed.Everyone had their life enriched by this experience, and the good you did will remain with this community of Pacaya forever. Mucho gusto.

Muriel Laverty and Omar GonzalezMasaya, Nicaragua