A little outrage needed about the tree trimming


To the Editor:Where are the outrage people?Have they passed on, or moved away — perhaps to Florida or Arizona? Don’t they know the civic minded, responsible outrage person finds a replacement person before leaving?I am not an outrage person. I am a pat-the-outrage-person-on-the-back person, and I am comfortable in that role. But come on. I sat on the sidelines for the last few months wondering what was going on. At first I thought it was just a case of over-exuberant tree pruning. I soon found out how wrong I was. Mile after mile of leafy canopy has been replaced with wire stretching, in many places, darn near across the road. No, this was not merely a case of making a monster of any tree that strays too close to the wires. Oh no, this is a power move made by the powers that be. This is for all the marbles.

The power company has decided that the outrage people who spearheaded the put-the-power-lines-underground movement a while back were tired or had moved on. And, any pretense at being discreet about wires or pruning was out the window.Maybe I’m being sensationalist about this, and this is a temporary thing — like the bridge. Maybe President Obama is having a summit in Chilmark this summer and just needs a little extra juice. When it’s done, the wires and poles will be gone and the power put underground like the rest of the developed world. Geeez, I sure hope so. But, just in case, all you retired outrage people, I need you — we need you — to mount up on your high horses and gallop. There are foul deeds afoot and the citizenry needs to be outraged.

Evan L. FielderWest Tisbury