Not an endorsement


To the Editor:

I sent this letter to Mark London and Paul Foley of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and to Sam Dunn, the developer.

I did not attend the recent hearing regarding the expansion on the Tisbury Marketplace site. However, I was quoted as saying I was in favor of this project. This is a wild misconstruing of what I did say.

Let me clarify the facts. Sam Dunn drafted a letter, which I signed, after a conversation he and I had, in which I stated his plans would not hinder the movement of boats into or out of the property we occupy behind the marketplace. In no sense did I mean to imply I favored his scheme.

Further, I feel the additional traffic, both in the parking areas as well as on Beach Road, cannot help but add to the congestion, which already exists. It’s preposterous to deny that.

Ecologically, I wonder about the impact. Lagoon Pond is in jeopardy now. I’ll leave that issue to the scientists and hope they give us real, honest answers.

And, lastly, it probably has no bearing, but aesthetically the site is one of the only remaining large open tracts in this part of town. And it’s nice. Perhaps it should become a town park. But not another 7,000 square feet of office and retail space.

I hope this clarifies my position. Thank you.

Ross M. Gannon

West Tisbury