Conserve, don’t generate


To the Editor:

I have read what seems to be an endless stream of letters about how to generate more electricity for the Island (and the country in general) while protecting the environment and the Island lifestyle. More wind, more nuclear, Bloom Energy and solar all have their advocates.What happened to reducing consumption so that there is no need for more electrical generation? Unfortunately, I haven’t seen one letter in support of cutting back on use. And if one looks around the Island at new construction, it would appear that there is a desire to consume more. Has anyone other than me wondered why an empty hospital building and empty parking lot have been lit all night for the past month?The best way to preserve is to conserve. Cut back on unnecessary electrical usage such as decorative lighting, install timers to shut off parking lot lights and rethink personal needs vs. desires. Much can be accomplished with a little thought on the matter.

Andrew Nanaa

Vineyard Haven